Our sponsors

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, without whom we couldn’t continue to do what we do. If you would like to enquire about sponsorship of Hunter’s Lodge we would love to hear from you! Please contact us directly.

  • Prydes Easifeed: www.prydes.com.au
    • Prydes have been a great supporter of Hunters Lodge for many years now. We use EasiResult and EasiRide, giving our horses the top nutritional balance they need to compete at the highest level of competition and stay healthy.
  • TuffRock Australia: www.tuffrock.net
    • TuffRock was one of our earliest supporters and without Steve Hurley and the team at TuffRock we couldn’t keep our competition horses on the road. The EJF (Equine Joint Formula) keeps them sound and feeling good, while the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) formula keeps them healthy, calm and looking amazing.
  • Oakwood Australia: www.oakwoodproducts.com
    • Simple, effective and easy to use, the Oakwood products are perfect for keeping our gear in great shape while we are on the road. We wouldn’t use any other product.
  • OTT NextGen Jumping & Eventing Equipment: www.overthetopequipment.com.au 
    • Karl Steininger of OTT NextGen is a great supporter of equestrian sports and we are thrilled to have him sponsor Cade. The quality, ease of use and durability of the Over The Top NextGen equipment is renowned, and it gives us a huge advantage when it comes to preparing our horses – and riders – for competition conditions. Also check out their range of yards, stables and arena fencing.
  • Horsemate Haygain Australia: www.pelletmate.com.au
    • We had always used sawdust or shavings in our stables, until we discovered the Horsemate bedding. Wow, what a life-changer! Dense yet soft, it provides an amazing cushioned stable surface for our valuable competition horses, and while it absorbs the damp it also minimises the smell. So easy to use, simple to keep clean and, frankly, we find it impossible to contemplate using any other bedding from now on!


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